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Technology evolves at a rate making it nearly impossible for organizations to keep pace. At MirLogic, it’s our job to help keep you ahead of the curve. We are experts in requirements management, configuration management and infrastructure support — from SharePoint and software programming to customized solutions that support enterprise-level operations. MirLogic’s IT professionals follow an agile development process which enables our clients to stay engaged throughout the development, testing, training and deployment of the solution.

Most companies provide IT support, meaning they come in after all the hard work has been performed. MirLogic is there from the beginning, from requirements to solutions providing expertise throughout the entire life cycle. Our enterprise solutions are a comprehensive set of technologies that cover:

  • SharePoint
  • Software Programming
  • Customized Solutions to Support Enterprise Level Operations


  • Organizational Planning & Analysis

    Our processes and practice are proven and enable us to evaluate how an organization uses its people, systems and processes to identify opportunities for improvement. This helps our clients discover and prioritize their objectives to meet their goals.

  • Program Support Services

    Our support services cover project management, technical writing, enterprise architecture, organizational development and data analysis. We work with our clients to recommend the best way to manage and operate their business.

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