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MirLogic incorporates mature and proven Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) elements to maintain high quality in all work. Our proactive QA activities begin in our planning stages. The QA team focuses on process engineering to prevent nonconformities from occurring. Quality Control activities and tools allow MirLogic the capability to provide a Quality Management System that is able to quickly and effectively meet or exceed our customer requirements.

As an emerging 8a contractor, MirLogic will leverage our SBA approved Mentor/Protégé relationship with Spectrum Comm, Inc. (Spectrum) to use Spectrum’s ISO 9001:2008-registered Quality Management System (QMS) as a guide for quality management. Spectrum’s QMS uses many Six Sigma analyses and improvement tools and is an integral part of Spectrum’s culture.

Critical to our Quality Control Plan is the creation of a collaborative environment to enhance communications between MirLogic management and the Government. MirLogic’s quality improvement processes linked to superior managerial styles ensures that customer satisfaction, cost, schedule, staffing and technical performance are monitored to provide the best value to the customer.

Our SEAPORT-e program manager provides the first line of quality monitoring and management.
  • All Government program offices will have full access to Mirlogic’s senior leadership.

  • SEAPORT-e task orders will go through MirLogic’s QMS audits to ensure quality and performance.

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